Frooition Discount – Save on design in time for the holidays

September 16th, 2014

Frooition Discount Code

Frooition Discount Details:

As an early Holiday bonus we are offering a massive 20% Frooition discount off eBay & Bigcommerce design!

Simply purchase an eBay design and matching Bigcommerce website and we will knock 20% off the retail prices (you could save as much as £1000/$1600)

You can also “go mobile” with a mobile eBay template and fully responsive Bigcommerce design to make the most of the increasing power of mobile-commerce.

When we create 2 or more stores with the same branding it becomes easier for us to deliver the additional designs at the same time.

As it is easier we can save costs and we pass the saving on to you as a Frooition discount!

In order to receive the Frooition discount :

  • Designs must be identical branding for eBay & Bigcommerce
  • Designs must be the same level (e.g. Advanced eBay and Advanced Bigcommerce)
  • Designs must be purchased at the same time

Find out more or get in touch…

Don’t Leave it too late

September 9th, 2014

Now is the time to act!

“35% of annual ecommerce revenue is made in Q4 alone.”
-Eseller Media

If you are looking to invest in your business you should act now to maximize your ROI.
Frooition designs are proven to increase sales, so it makes sense to have a design installed now, in time for your busiest season.

Don’t forget; creating a fantastic eBay, Bigcommerce or Rakuten store takes time.

Our typical delivery time depends upon your requirements and how many revisions you have.

Our average delivery time is 4-5 weeks from start to finish.

Click here to find out more and work out your delivery date

Action Comics #1 Auction – the first ever appearance of Superman!

August 26th, 2014


Frooition are delighted and excited to be part of the highly anticipated action comics No1 project on eBay: Pristine Comics have just sold an original Action Comics #1 featuring Superman’s debut!

The comic went for a staggering $3,207,852.00 (approx £1.9 M). That’s a pretty good return on the original 10c cover price!

The original Action Comics number 1 was published in June 1938; the first run had 200,000 copies and was an anthology of multiple comics. It is estimated that only 50-100 original copies exist in varying conditions.

Action Comics #1 was the first comic to ever reach $1 million and the last copy sold in 2011 went for a staggering $2.16 Million.

The owners of this comic (Pristine Comics) are collectors and sellers of high value comics and collectables and have an impressive collection in their fantastic looking store, proudly created by Frooition:


EBay have done a lot of promotion for this historic auction including building a great looking promotional page that explains more about the auction:

The guys at Pristine Comics are also donating a portion of the proceeds to the Christopher & Dana Reeves foundation.

Congratulations to the buyer for winning this rare auction and well done to the team at eBay and Pristine comics for all their hard work!

NOW is the time to act…

August 19th, 2014

Want to increase your sales? Thinking of investing in your business?

NOW is the time to act…


For the vast majority of our customers Q4 is by far the busiest quarter of the year.

If you are thinking of investing in your business, now is the correct time to do so as you stand the highest chance of receiving ROI (return on investment).

Investments may include:

Is cash flow is too tight to re-invest in your business at the moment? There are a number of services that offer short term working business capital that can help give your business a boost.

Providers include:

Timing is key…

Most investments take money, but also time. This includes your time to organize investments and discuss internally but most investments also take the time of suppliers to deliver the investments.

If you are adding stock lines it may take a few weeks to get stock in place, you then need time to make space in your stock storage areas, finally you have to catalog and list the stock to your online channels.

Don’t fall into the trap of adding new stock too late, you will end up too busy to sell it and it will just get in the way.

If you are thinking of revamping your branding, this also takes time, Frooition build a new eBay design or Bigcommerce website typically in 3-6 weeks (depending upon seller requirements and revisions).

We make it really easy to apply design to eBay listings, but it does take a little time to roll the design out – so don’t leave it too late to improve your brand.

Design discount

If you decide to go ahead with new branding for Q4 Frooition would like to help…

A design project signed up this week would be completed before the 1st of October, benefiting your store throughout Q4 and the holiday season.

To help out further we are offering massive discounts of when sellers purchase a brand matching design for eBay and Bigcommerce.

Contact us today and ask about our combo discounts.

The effects of 4G on mobile commerce

August 5th, 2014

4g on mcommerce

4G is rolling out to mobile networks across the Globe; users are beginning to experience faster, more reliable, mobile internet. Mobile operators are displaying TV adverts showing mobile users enjoying high quality HD content on the go, but what impact does this have on mobile commerce or mCommerce?

The guardian estimate 4G will increase mCommerce by a staggering £1.8 Billion in the UK alone. That is an increase of 113% year on year.

Is 4G going to make that much difference?

The ability to view products faster allows buyers to view more products per minute, this seems like an obvious fact but if a buyer puts aside 10 minutes of browsing time on a break this increases the number of products they can research on that break increasing the chance of a sellers item being viewed.

An increase in speed also cuts down buyer frustration when waiting for your item to load, this increases the customer experience and boosts the chance of a sale.

As speeds increase there is less emphasis needed on reducing site content and functionality for mobile devices, the best mobile experiences mirror exactly the function and content of its bigger brother: the desktop experience. If you want to convert as many mobile browsers as desktop ones then you should be delivering the same content, with 4G speeds and bandwidth you no longer need to worry as much about using good quality, rich content such as large images and HD video.

According to the Guardian, 49.6% of consumers are frustrated by the reliability of mobile commerce and 50.3% are frustrated by the speed. Reducing the number of frustrated consumers will have a positive impact on mobile sales.

If your website hangs or slows down during a checkout process then customers may lose confidence in the checkout or question security, all leading to an abandoned shopping cart…

Buyers often have the best intention of browsing on a mobile device and then purchasing on a desktop or tablet device at a later date; however this can lead to buyers forgetting, being hit with offers from competitors or simply feeling remorse for buying the product therefore not closing the sale.

Sellers will benefit from increased speeds as buyers can make more immediate purchasing decisions and checkout more easily.

What can I do as a seller to benefit from 4G?

Embrace mobile commerce. Do not view mobile buyers as different to their desktop counterparts (they probably exist in that segment anyway), create an immersive, instant, experience that doesn’t differ between device. Keep your content the same and just ensure that it works on mobile.

One strategy is to plan your ecommerce design and experience for mobile devices first; this means that you will not include anything extra that needs to be taken out for smaller screens. It also helps you focus on what are the most important features of the website as they will be displayed first on mobile. You can then translate this to hot spots on the desktop view.

The best way to deliver a uniform brand and experience across devices is to create a responsive design that responds to the screen size and formats the content accordingly. Think of it like looking at the same landscape through different windows, the landscape doesn’t change but your view of it does.


At Frooition we design responsive websites for the Bigcommerce ecommerce platform with all the features being available across all devices.

Benefits of a responsive design include:

  • Only one set of content to maintain and manage
  • No duplicate content for SEO purposes
  • No need to design for specific devices & screen sizes
  • Updates are not required as new devices are released.

For more information on our Bigcommerce responsive design services see:

Getting ready for the busy time of year…

July 30th, 2014


It seems too far away; but the busiest time of year is just around the corner. For the majority of sellers Q4 is the busiest time of year and where most of their annual sales come from.

It all kicks off from early September, so to make life easier act now to have a smooth and successful end of the year.

Sellers “to do list” for August:

  • Decide on your product lines
  • Research this year’s “hot products” and how you can leverage them
  • Speak to suppliers and negotiate the best pricing
  • Ensure you have space for stock
  • Tidy out your warehousing space and ensure you are organized for the winter rush
  • reduce and sell off old lines that don’t sell as well (this will make space but also give you capital for better sellers)
  • Plan any promotions you may offer and make all of your staff aware of them
  • Create a rough marketing calendar of what you are doing when

Mobile Commerce and the holiday season…

Most online sellers get a boost through the lead up to the holiday season, and every year more and more buyers are converting to mobile shopping. EBay have released data stating they are now seeing 40% of all sales being touched by a mobile device somewhere in the buying cycle.

With this information it is even more imperative that your business functions just as well on mobile devices as desktop browsers.

Frooition have developed a number of mobile optimized products including:

Thinking about a design upgrade?

If you are thinking about getting a design upgrade in time for the busy period: now is the sensible time to act!

Our designs look fantastic and really help your business, but this takes time. Frooition designs are typically installed in 4-6 weeks (customer dependent) so if you act today you would be ready for September and maximize your ROI.

“Don’t leave it too late to start your design project!”

Speak to one of our consultants and see how we can help you get ready for your busy season.

Linnworks Guest Post: Why go Multichannel?

July 23rd, 2014


The folks at Linnworks have created a great guest article on the importance of ‘going multichannel’:

Why go Multichannel?

So you’ve started selling online and found the marketplace or website you are selling on is doing great!

It is bringing in the sales and orders are moving along steadily.

This is great, but imagine if you could duplicate the results, double your sales and then repeat this process again and again!

Well welcome to the world of Multichannel.

What is MultiChannel selling?

So what is multichannel selling? A basic definition is promoting your products through more than on avenue, in ecommerce terms this could be Amazon, eBay and your own e-store.

Further to this you can expand the same principle to cross border trade, selling on multiple international sites.

The benefits are very clear and probably don’t need explaining.

But to keep it to the point, new, untapped markets and potential customers you would of otherwise of missed out on.

So if it’s so great, why doesn’t everyone do it?

Well it doesn’t come without its difficulties; keeping track of stock is probably the biggest issue Multichannel sellers have.

Other issues include:

  • Opening multiple browsers for you online marketplaces.
  • Processing orders on different sites.
  • Copying and pasting postal information to your couriers.
  • Listing items on multiple sites.
  • Overselling.

So how do you tackle these potential issues?

The importance of an inventory management system

There are many inventory management systems out there, including Linnworks.

These systems are designed to stop the cons of multichannel selling by being an all in one solution; all aspects from order management to stock control and courier integration can be accessed through one single system.

Charlie’s Opinion

Multi Channel selling is a natural progression for most online businesses, and if you don’t sell on that marketplace, surely one of your competitors will.

So if you do decide to sell on Multiple Channels, I would recommend doing a little research and look for a tool that will satisfy all your requirements. This will allow you to be truly successful without any of the hiccups others are struggling with at the moment.

About the author

Charlie McBroom

Charlie works at Linnworks as an ecommerce specialist, he also offers free advice to anyone interested in ecommerce.
If you are planning to start your own online business or have one and want advice on how to expand, please feel free to contact Charlie anytime.

Rakuten Expo East 2014 August 7th – Frooition are sponsoring!

July 15th, 2014


Frooition are attending and sponsoring the Rakuten Expo East, New York on August 7th 2014.

The event details:

  • Thursday, August 7, 2014 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Grand Hyatt New York at Grand Central Terminal 109 East 42nd Street New York, New York 10017

Come along, say hi and take a look at our latest Rakuten design offerings.

The Expo promises to bring the latest information about the Rakuten marketplace, whether you are currently trading on there or looking to add additional revenue through a brand new channel.

Sponsors include: Mastercard Advisors, ChannelAdvisor, SolidCommerce, Dell, Oracle, Google, Microsoft and Cisco.

Why Attend?

Merchants who attended Rakuten Expo in the past have experienced 35.8% year-over-year growth over merchants who did not attend our Expo. By attending Rakuten Expo East, you can:
  • Expand your business potential
Participate in educational labs, informative sessions, and one-on-one meetings designed to help overcome your current and future business challenges and grow your ecommerce revenues.
  • Share ideas & enhance partnerships
Rakuten ECC account managers, executives, support staff and more are all available to discuss current and future strategies, challenges and new opportunities geared toward furthering your business.
  • Network with industry leading service providers
Share ideas and find valuable services to add to and enhance your current business.

Exclusive discount:

Buy one ticket get the next half price exclusively with Frooition:

Discount code: FHALF

Register to attend here